Very often, I’ve wondered how our beautiful Planet Earth will look like when we maintain building, developing and destroying like we do today. Farmers need to harvest more often than ever before, trying to feed the growing population. In the mean time, the farmers have to sell their land to developers, to build more and more houses, industrial areas, waste dumps etcetera. What is wrong with us???

Why don’t we see, that we cannot keep up growing like we do? As long as I live, politicians have always used terms like “we have to grow, for a better economy”.

Infinite growth on a finite planet… do you think th├ít is possible?

So, now you’ve found this website. Earth in Balance… sounds good right? I wrote this website to raise awareness that many things aren’t going well with our ‘spaceship Earth’. It looks like we’ve lost the balance on Earth. Although, Earth will restore Balance by all cost. That is why we feel the changing climate. That is why we feel the weather changing. That is why diseases are getting worse. Earth is trying to tell us this: There are too many of us. We are overpopulated. And so many keep closing their eyes….

If you’d like to contact me, please send an email to info@earthinbalance.nl