Hello, welcome.

I have written this site because I am concerned about how bad we threat our beautiful planet and interact with each other. Especially climate change and overpopulation play a large role.  When you start a discussion about this subject, many people say to me: “you cannot do anything about it, it’s too big”, or “don’t worry about it, life is too short. Be happy”. For me, it is by crystal clear: Leaning back will not be helpful at all. That is why I started to write this site, to make people aware of the problem. In a language many of us can understand, without using difficult words. And I can use your help, if you like. Suggestions are welcome to: info@earthinbalance.nl

There are people who think that a subject like overpopulation is un-ethical. It’s not accepted to write about it. According to me: if we approach it the ‘ethic’ accepted way, nothing will change. We get stuck in the same principles. If we dare not to think different, we destroy even more of our planet, without any possibility to restore it, ever. We all will extinct. That’s doesn’t sound ethic to me..

“Ethics (Greek: èthos, habit or moral Act) or moral science is a branch of philosophy that deals with the critical reflection on the right Act.” (Wikipedia)

To avoid this site to be a negative story, I try to show positive examples as much as possible, hopefully with help from you as a reader by email. (info@earthinbalance.nl)

Everything on this site is written from a personal point of view. It is my own life experience. Things I’ve heard, read, seen throughout my life. You can easily check whether it is realistic when I write. Look up in your own environment. Be open, honest and objective in your perception. In its immediate vicinity anyone can see what consequences of our actions. Our actions as a human being, past and present. Are you still not convinced? There is the internet (don’t believe everything, be objective too).

More people and organisations have written about this overpopulation and climate change subject. Thanks to Al Gore, the subject was picked up through the media