8-do it yourself

I wondered myself 30 years ago, what we can do to stop overpopulation and the changing of the world’s climate. Then already I could see changes: higher temperatures in summer, less snow and frost in winter. “Aids” was coming up. Never heard of aids before (!). 30 years ago, I was waiting for signals and actions of ‘the other people’. Slow but sure I realized that no one stood up to point people to this upcoming problem, except organizations like WWF (world wildlife Fund), and Greenpeace. People were laughing at me, when I told them I wanted to be part of these organizations. And: what CAN we do, active, to counteract the effect of climate-change? So… ‘The others’ kept doing nothing.

On this page I like to show you what you can do by yourself to contribute, to make the world a little more beautiful. The examples are easy to do, are small and at low cost. The more people who work with it, more effect it has.

(Honey)Bees are extinct in China. Try to make a bee-hive and place this on a site with fields of flowers. Examples to help bees are easy to find on the internet, for example: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/home-garden/Hobby-Farming/Beekeeping/Building-a-Beehive.html


You could buy flower seeds with a mix of different wild flowers for the bees and butterflies. These seeds give the most beautiful field flowers. Spread them around on wasteland, or in your own garden. Give color to wasteland!

Make (and keep) your ‘footprint’ smaller. Get your food at a local store, in your own area. Eat vegetables which grow that season. Think of all the transportation costs and the pollution it gives, when you do your shopping. Re-use instead of replace. It’s mostly good for local economics, and most of the time cheaper in price.

If you have place in your neighborhood, you could take a kitchen garden. Need any ideas? http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/garden-planning/kitchen-garden-zm0z11zalt.aspx So many ways to grow your own food! It makes us less dependent on what they sell in supermarkets, or when food becomes scarce. Permaculture is a very nice way to grow food. Also a lot to find on the internet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permaculture

Did you know that gardening works perfect when you have a lot of stress? It distresses.. Many people have paved their garden in the most beautiful patterns. What if you change it back in a real garden? You will be able to have the most beautiful flowers and plants, bees and butterflies will visit your garden. Birds will try to find small insects and worms. Your garden will come alive. And the plenty of rainwater will be able to find its way faster in the soil, the climate around your house will improve.

Be aware that everything you do with your handy, tablet or computer/laptop, whatever you store in “the cloud”, it all will be stored on servers somewhere on our planet. And all of those servers have to be cooled with huge air conditioners. The more air-conditioning, the more heat will be given in return, to the local area.

Take a look around you! Don’t you think the area around you is full of waste? So many people throw away everything they don’t need. Bus and train stations are dotted with waste, cigarette filters, plastics etc. This plastic, moved by the wind, will end in our rivers which flow in our oceans.  Did you hear of the plastic ‘soup’ in the oceans? Where at least 2 meters of broken up plastic floats in an area of 1000’s square miles? And Sea turtles, fish and seagulls are dying in that area, eating small fish full of this plastic. http://www.plasticsoupfoundation.org/ (site is also in English translated)

Well… you can do something by cleaning up this litter. And throw your own litter in a garbage bin, where you can also put cigarette filters in (non burning). When you’re a day off: clean up your neighborhood (with your neighbors). Did you know that the city of Paris gives you a fine when you throw away a cigarette on the streets? They found out, that yearly 365 million kilo’s filters were thrown away. And cigarette filters never perish.