7-cause or effect

7 – Cause or Effect?

A question which I still can’t answer is: Can climate-change be a cause or an effect of overpopulation?

The climate on our planet always changed. Even in pre-historic time and Ice-age, we know by investigations that the climate always has been changing. The question is, did it ever take place so fast, as we notice the last decennium? We’ll find the answer in the investigation reports of the WHO (world health organization): During the existence of Planet Earth, the climate never ever changed as fast as we notice now, the last 10-20 years. During the Ice-age, many other causes took effect on the climate. Not that many people were living then… Not that much pollution, not that much forests destruction..

Always when I ask myself that question, I come to an answer with “too much” or “too many”. Too much air pollution cause of too much industries; too many trees are cut down, (rain)forests disappeared by excess demand of wood. Too many animals and insects died, by too many hunters or change of biotope. Too much growth of the deserts….. etc