6-man intervenes

As nature let the strongest survive, we as human race let even the weakest one survive. Nor a baby is born with a handicap (mentally or physically disabled), it will get all the medical and mental care, needed to stay alive. Does the baby has no chance to live independent, because there are heart deviations? No problem! It will become medical care until the heart works properly. No matter the costs. Nice to know we are able to fix this, but is it still necessary? With só many people on this planet, how much money is life worth? Already now there are people at the office of the health care, calculating if the costs outweigh the health benefits. How far must we go there?

Even when a woman wants children, but her body is unable to give birth, the woman still can gét children. While against nature, every woman thinks to have the RIGHT to give birth. Even woman, where we know from that there will be no healthy babies born, have to be able to get children. They also have the “right to give birth”. For example: hereditary disorder or physically disabled. It looks like children have to be made, no matter what.

These children often can’t stay home, and have to be replaced somewhere else, with foster parents. When they are grown up, they want children as well. How far must we go?

What would happen when we listen to ‘mother nature’? Relatively more healthy children will be born, because babies who are not viable will not survive. Don’t forget that we already are with 7.400.000.000 people on this planet. Every day this number increases with 200.000. Every day!

I never thought to write this.

Let’s say, we manage worldwide to change. We make aware the young adults, who didn’t have children yet, to have a maximum of 1 child their whole life: How can we reach those, who don’t have Internet, or those who cannot read/write. How to reach people who are mental disabled, who cannot understand the goal? It would mean, that there will be more babies born from parents who are disabled mentally. People who dó understand will have less children. The situation would get more off balance.

It’s a HUGE problem. More and more I start to understand why so less people and politicians will get involved in this huge problem. It might be the biggest disaster ever, and no one seems to be able to stop it.

I really do realise, that the food on our planet is limited. Should we leave the problem to be solved the ‘natural’ way? Waiting for disasters and epidemics which we will no longer be able to solve? Or will you try, with me and many, many others, to try to stop this way of living? To get the world back in balance again? I CAN’T DO IT ALL BY MYSELF. I ask you to join me, write an email, leave a message in my mailbox. Even now, june 2016, hunger is in Africa. About 16 million people are about to starve from hunger…. That’s as much as people living in the Netherlands!