4 – Overpopulation


We are on this earth to reproduce ourselves and give substance to what makes us happy. To ensure that the world human population reduces, something HAS to change. We HAVE to think differently about reproduction of our species. The animals and plants used to propagate because they take care not to extinct. If human keep propagate the way we do as usual, we WILL extinct:

  • There will never be enough food for more people;
  • We can’t breath enough clean air; (Example: China)
  • Oceans will be overfished;
  • More animals will be extincted/be eaten;
  • Diseases will arise, which we cannot solve anymore;
  • There will always be greed, so: war will never be over in this world;
  • …..

My brother in law has met a Chinese woman over the internet. This lady came over to our country to go to study here. She told us, that fruit trees in many parts of China are pollinated by people who are specialized in this job. When I asked why they do so, bees should do that job, right? I got the shocking answer: “The bees are extincted in China”.

People say, it’s a human right to have children. Everyone has his own choice in this. That right, I would not let anyone take away. But by choosing to “take” a maximum of 1 child, everyone in the world will have a chance to be at least a father or mother. I think it’s the fairest solution for all human. And of course there are sometimes multiple births. This is calculated,  because there will always be people who will remain childless. (free choise or perhaps naturally).

What also could help to reduce overcrowding, is quit the studies to get older. Let all scientists who are involved in the aging of the human race stop their investigating, stop throwing away a lot of money. So much money is wasted this way. If everyone lives as healthy as possible, for the opportunities his / her environment offers, you can also let nature take its course. Then a lot of people can grow old the natural way, and die after a period of time on a natural age.

Yes, I know that it’s a very simplistic proposal. Everyone wants to keep his / her parents in good health as long as possible. But many ignore the huge costs that entails to parents who lived an entire life, still holding the last few years with us. Often elderly are put away in seniors homes, where they wait until they can finally die. Is that ‘humane’?