5-Take action! Do something!

What can we do about climate change?

Except the overcrowding, everything we do has impact on our environment. But also on the climate. We all together made the climate change so fast: we can make the climate change go much slower. To stop climate change will never happen: history shows that the climate always has been changing. But over the last 450 million years the climate never changed as fast as it does now. We surely CAN do something:

Be aware how you live. Look different as you used to do, to yourself and people around you. Have more respect for your environment, threat the nature respectful. Have respect for everything alive on our planet. It’s your planet too. It’s impossible to get less overpopulation at once, this process takes generations of time. But in the meantime, we can take care of the nature around us. The planet gives us food, clean air etc. Maybe it’s time to give something back? Unfortunately there will always be people who only can think of themselves, making money as fast as they can, having no respect for anything at all. They don’t understand that you can’t eat money…

Many things can be done to make life on earth more beautiful. To make earth more beautiful. To protect what’s left of it. Therefore I made a new page with initiatives. Let it be an inspiration for all of you. Try to live more aware of the nature around you. Try to create green spots when you live in cities full with pavements and concrete. When you have any ideas, share them with the rest of us by sending me an email.

Please share this site with as many people as you can. Only that way we can grow bigger and share more ideas. We might even work on some together. It could even change the way politicians act, to make different choises. Everybody should treat our environment with more respect. Not thinking of building more houses, roads etc., but keeping the farmlands and farms alive. Save our foodproduction. It’s good to see that on some sites the natural habitat can come back. Unfortunately it’s mostly too small to have any effect.

I realize it will take years and years to have any effect, but climate change is part of everybody’s life. It’s not too late yet, but we have to act fast. WE HAVE TO ACT NOW!