3-climate change

Since 2016, there is finally a climate agreement. All countries have agreed that the average temperature on Earth is not too much should be up, the next few years. What is the exact content of the climate agreement, falls to internet though reading back. What proviso is, the real cause of the climate problem. No one dares to take it in the mouth that we just with too many people on this earth. It is so simple!

I want it very simplistic explain:

When there were not so many people lived on this planet, the Earth could very easily meet the needs of these people. There was so much space for those few people, that it is even not very was that there were more people. So those people got children, and the number of people grew.

That could continue for a long time. Almost 2000 years.  People took to develop, and spread around the world. Small villages became cities, cities were getting bigger. Not only were they larger, but also the buildings were getting higher. And that went well, as long as the Earth could produce enough food. Farmers provided food, such as meat, milk, grain. The Sea contained sufficient fish species to live on.

To the equilibrium was reached. That's in the 1960s.

Lived there so many people on this earth as that there is food and fish could be eaten. The climate was relatively stable, polar ice caps were frozen, glaciers contain ' eternal ' snow.

But … humanity continued to grow. Despite diseases outbreaks and wars arose because there are also envy and greed, the population remained on Earth grow.

The wise people of WHO, the World Health Council of the Netherlands, have calculated that a maximum of about 3 billion people on this earth, when we talk about ' the balance '. In plain language is that 3,000,000,000.

At this time, however, may 2016, life 7,400,000,000 billion people on this earth. That IS ALREADY 2 x as many … A situation that cannot last long. 200,000 people every day.

Links below, in English, giving a dramatic overview of the consequences. Consequences we all brands, feel and see. But as long as we close our eyes. …



On the above site is also, in my view, the only solution: fewer children born. Not more than 1 child per parent. Just as in China, where the 1 child policy unfortunately did not succeed. Purely because the inhabitants of China not aware why it so it had to.