2-who am I?

2 – Who am I?

I am a clearly thinking Dutchman, born in a family with 4 children. My father was worker, mother did housework and took care of the children. Grandpa 1 used to be fisherman on the former Zuiderzee, Grandpa 2 was mailman and build/repaired bicycles. Grandmothers did the household.

According to me, my education was the best I could get. Our family went to church on Sundays, at school I was able to paricipate just fine.

After primary school, my interest in nature and animals was above average. I have always been very interested in nature, plants and animals.

My further education was on a Highschool, even while I was smart enough to higher education. But unfortunately: I didn’t like studying all days. I always wanted to go outside. Being part of the world outside.

I am honest, reliable, sensitive and loving. I treat people with respect and love our natural environment. In addition, I am positive in life and I am an optimist.

My life’s motto: everyone is more beautiful if he/she laughs. (and you can make the world a bit more beautiful when you laugh)

When I was about 20 years young, I was mainly engaged in school, making friends, and plans for the future. This changed slowly, because I found a house to live in, small garden, and my own pets. Gradually I realized that we had to take good care for our planet Earth. So, it became a way of life for me, to live as healthy as possible. I always take good care for my body. And logically, I have always tried to generate as little waste as possible. I separate papers, glass and plastic as soon as I lived on my own.

The realization that the world got full of people and changed dramatically, came to me for about 30 years ago. For me it’s a very important reason to make people aware of it, as soon as possible, to realizes that we all can, and have to, change the way we live. Parents should let their children realize at an early age, that the planet (and everything on it) grows and prospers. It should be treated lovely and with respect.