We want to do something about climate change, you have to conclude that we are a huge challenge to overpopulation directly.

We have probably not much time left to stop climate change. Keeping in mind, that natural disasters are becoming more extensive, nature areas disappear and the sea level rises, everyone will be huge efforts to turn the tide.

It depends on our survival, how long the Earth still can provide enough food for a world population that but still continues to grow. We are the Earth to wring out to still be able to get maximum yields, of land surface that is becoming more and more scarce in order to grow food on.

Itself can be best do a lot to make the world more beautiful. Examples are on another page.

Sensible people will want to do their best to do something against overpopulation. However, there will always be persons, who do not wish to participate to this trend. That will just continue to make (many) children. People who can't and/or want to understand, that in their own thinking. The world's population will not shrink at all, and the level of man will be getting lower. The population is getting dumber. I understand that there's only so very few people want to burn to these matter.

Understand that every individual on this earth is important to the big goal. Therefore: keep respect each other and help. We are stronger together than alone.