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We have written this site because we are concerned about how we are all with our beautiful planet and interact with each other. Especially climate change and overpopulation play a large role.  If you want to create this negotiable, you hear again and again as answer: "there you will have nothing to do", or "that all falls quite hear". For us, it is by now clear: don't do anything helps at all. That is why I, along with a bunch of enthusiasts, conceived the plan to create a site to make people aware of the problem. In plain language, without difficult words. And I can help you best use:-)

There are people who feel that you have a problem if this is not in such a way on-ethical approach. According to me you come up with ethics NEVER to a change that actually works, and you stay with ethics too much stuck to principles. Then you let everything go, with disastrous famines. Is it ethical???

"Ethics (Greek: èthos, habit or moral Act) or moral science is a branch of philosophy that deals with the critical reflection on the right Act." (Wikipedia)

To avoid a negative story is going to be, let us see positive examples as much as possible, hopefully with help from you as a reader through the blog. Via the ' messages ' button at the bottom of the menu, to the left of this page, please contact us or leave a message.

Everything on this site is written from a personal point of view. I put from our own life experience. Things I've heard, read, seen throughout my life. You can easily check whether it is realistic when I write. Look in your own environment. Be open, honest and objective in your perception. In its immediate vicinity anyone can see what consequences of our actions. Our actions as a human being, past and present. Are you still not convinced? Long live the internet.

As large drive should definitely be called Al Gore.



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