Wake up…!

As world civilian, living close to the border of the Netherland, I think it’s great that the world is awakening from the changing of the world climate. Often I have wondered why nobody seems to worry about the changing climate. While I see the changing around me, for over 50 years now. (I was born in 1967)

The world climate is changing as long as the world exists. But from 1965 (about), the change was not going this fast. We, as civilian, feel this over and over again. Especially the last 10 years, every year has weather records. October 2018 has never been this warm in the Netherlands; normally the summer has maximum temperature around 33 Celcius. 2018 brought us almost 40 degrees Celcius.

There is a significant parallel between the population growth, and the development of the changing climate. I would like to make you aware of what causes the climate change the most: Overpopulation of our beautiful planet. Many websites are written about this cause, no one is talking about this ethic problem.

As long as we do not want to know what really causes the problem, nobody will ever really solve the problem. Both the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the United Nations are clear on their website what causes the temperature rising, I have not heard any world leader about it?

When I was a little boy, the first traffic jam in The Netherlands was on the radio with a length of about 5 kilometers. This was in the early 80’s. Nowadays, 450 kilometers are normal (!)

While in 30 years the population of insects has decreased with over 70%; (I wonder what was the reason, then, why they started counting them)

Wild animals have decreased with 60% already

Human population is growing with 240.000 every day.

When 2 persons live together in one house, this means that every day 120.000 houses have to be build worldwide. Day in, day out. These houses are built on former farmland.  We therefore need to cut forests (for wood and for another place for our food), while trees are the best organism to change CO2 into O2. We human need Oxigen to breath, and the CO2 we have too much on our planet are stored in the Trees (wood)

As long as the world population keeps growing, worldwide we need more consumer-goods every day.

WHO calculated in the 80’s, approxx. 3 billion ( citizens on this planet will fit. As a maximum. With maximum that many people, the world is capable to serve us enough food and fresh air. Without the fast climate change we are facing today. This maximum was reached around 1965. At that moment the climate started to change, faster and faster every year.

Thanks to our almost perfect health care, people are able to become really old. While the prices of health care are almost unpayable.

Why do not we stop stimulating getting more than one child? One is enough, it would really help the world and it’s civilians to survive. It would help the (rain)forests recover, we should not have fear that human extinct within the next 100 years (or 50 years, as British scientists predict).

Dr Fenner is pessimistic about the future of our world. https://phys.org/news/2010-06-humans-extinct-years-eminent-scientist.html

When we don’t make better choices, I become pessimistic as well

I hope this climate conference will be a success for our beautiful planet.

Thank you for reading,

Jan Mulder


music: Earth song – Micheal Jackson (many people are not willing to understand this song)

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